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Clarkston, MI 48346
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Your Weapon. Your Ammo. Your Training.

Accurate Range is pleased to announce we’ve partnered with simulator creators, MILO Range to update our Live-Fire Simulator with ground breaking technology. The MILO Range Live-Fire system enables the use of live-fire ammunition with interactive HD video scenarios, virtual graphics targetry and multi-lane marksmanship training solutions. MILO Range Live-Fire adds shot detection hardware and a custom shot absorbing Live-Fire screen that allows you to maximize your training for real world experience.


Most Live-Fire Simulators, including our old unit, use light sensors to track shots. As the bullet breaks the light, the sensors relay the interruption to the simulator which then branches according to your shot placement. MILO Range Live-Fire now uses thermal technology to sense the heat of your bullet as it passes through the screen. Your reaction time and shot placement are calculated by the heat signature which the simulator uses to advance the scenario. The heat signature is so intense that the accuracy of the calculation is real-time. These thermal cameras are much more accurate allowing for a more real-life experience. 


MILO Range includes over 500 High Definition and Standard Definition interactive branching scenarios. Most scenarios were developed from real life experiences and expertise. Topics cover a wide variety of training situations including: traffic stops, active shooter situations, burglaries, domestic disturbances, patrol and many others!

Accurate Range is the only location in Michigan utilizing this state-of-the-art thermal technology!

NEW Live-Fire Simulator!

30 min: $50
1 Hour: $100
30 min: $30
1 hour $60

Your Weapon. Your Ammo. Your Training.
The more realistic the training the more effective the results. MILO Range Live Fire supports a host of features that let you maximize your training.

  • Handgun & Long Gun support
  • Proven accuracy at +/- 5mm
  • High definition video scenarios
  • Graphic Ranges & Customized Course of Fire