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Accurate Range

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6559 Dixie Highway
Clarkston, MI 48346
Phone: (248)625-3551


May 17th 
6-8 pm * Notice the time change
May 24th
7-9 pm
Handgun Cleaning and safe storage solutions!
We will be discussing how to properly and safely disassemble, clean and reassemble our handguns. Please bring your unloaded handgun, unloaded magazine, and cleaning kit to class. NO LIVE AMMO in the classroom. Please bring your firearm into the classroom in a case and do not unpack it until an instructor has cleared the firearm with you.
For anyone that already knows how to clean their firearm, you can help assist others in the class!
The range portion this month will be an open shoot for those that wish to use the range. We will plan on having the classroom portion for 2 hours, once you are finished cleaning you handgun you can decide if you would like to use the range.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend one of the meetings!

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Call: 248-625-3551
Email: twawoaklandcountychapter@gmail.com